Truth Be Told Radio Network

“What I’ve seen on radio networks is if a person is an expert in the Bible, they tend not to get into what is going on in the world today with the hidden power structure. If an expert is on talking about the world’s power structure, the Bible and the things of God are not talked about. Both are needed in order to have a more excellent understanding.

This taboo, this wall is about to be dropped, so that listeners can begin to receive a truer picture of the condition of the world today and where its course is being charted. See 1 Cor.10:1 which says: “Now Concerning spiritual things, [or matters] brothers, I don’t want you to be ignorant.” Its time to bring the threads of knowledge together into one radio network with a world wide reach. I am very excited that God is opening this door now to make this possible. As I’m sure you will agree, this is needed now more than ever."